At the design and marketing house of Blu Creative, we know what inspires us. Lively streets in the city and softly rolling green fields in the country. Great art and great music, baseball and travel, friends and family, agriculture and architecture.

And did we mention work?

Since we already know what inspires us, the goal at Blu Creative is to discover what inspires you, to capture the essence of your vision, meld it with our unique of creativity and turn that combination into the powerful reality of well-tuned design and marketing.

Located in the heart of the Salinas Valley, Blu specializes in everything from creating and placing a single ad to creating and implementing an entire campaign. We can plan your media and plan your events, package your product and give it an unforgettable identity, write copy that sings and leave an impact the place it matters most—on your customers. For a full list of our services,
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